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Dome Valve

High pressure dome valve to control the flow of ash located in the upper part of the conveyor has a special seal, working in modes inflation-deflation, admits ash into the container of the pneumatic conveyor and closes before pressure in the system rises and the transportation process starts. The valve is offered as a system or a separate product.                                                                                                                                                                                                        

  • The dome valve has a special heat-resistant coating
  • Operating pressure - 35 bar
  • Temperature of ash - up to 480 C
  • Optional water cooling at temperatures above 200 C
  • 2 types of actuators: pneumatic cylinder and vane

Principle of Work



• Full bore unobstructed material flow
• Simple robust fully proven design           
• Made of stainless steel
• Can cut through moving or static columns of material          
• Wide range of valve sizes - from 50 to 650 mm         
• Forms a pressure tight seal when closed       
• Copes with high pressure up to 35 bar
• Handles a temperature range from -20 to 480 C         
• Long life - up to 4 years            
• Up to 1 million cycles between overhauls
• Low maintenance costs
• Availability of spare parts




Dust Filters:

We offer the filters that are suitable both for individual silos and for the centralized dust removal.


Filter models:

Bag filters cleaned with compressed air

  • for continuous processes
  • effective cleaning
  • integrated automation
  • also for specialized applications




Cartridge filters cleaned with compressed air

  • small size - high capacity
  • for continuous processes
  • good degree of purification
  • integrated automation
  • also for specialized applications

Bag hose filters cleaned with vibration

  • for batch processes
  • typical for storage bins located outside the premises
  • also for specialized applications





Dust cyclones

• Standard material - polyester fabric     
• Other materials on request


Metal framework materials 

Bag filters, cleaned with compressed air:

• acid resistant stainless steel

• construction steel

Cartridge filters, cleaned with compressed air:

• acid resistant stainless steel

Bag hose filters, cleans vibration:

• construction steel




Air Slides: 

 - Open-top and closed-top airslides 

In power industry for unloading fly ash silos used open-top air slides. Closed-top air slides with a gentle slope and conveying air layer are used to transport materials over short distances (up to 25 m). Conveying air is produced by low pressure air pumps.

  • Transport distance up to 100m.
  • Particle size of 40 - 500 μм m
  • Capacity up to 3000 t / h